Iran top negotiator arrives in Vienna for talks with P4+1

Iranian top negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani arrived in the Austrian capital of Vienna on Monday morning to continue talks with the P4+1 countries on the removal of the illegal sanction.

Heading a high-ranking delegation, Ali Bagheri Kani arrived in Vienna to hold talks with the remaining parties to the JCPOA on the removal of the illegal sanctions.

Bagheri Kani is scheduled to attend the Coburg Hotel in the next few hours to hold diplomatic and expert talks with the P4+1 group.

How to verify the lifting of US sanctions and explain the indicators and criteria by which the possibility of the US withdrawing from the JCPOA to be minimized and it would not be able to impose new sanctions contrary to the agreement will be the main agenda of the negotiations in the coming days.


Source: Mehr