Iran Khodro resumes car production in Africa

Iran Khodro, the biggest automobile producer in the Middle East, has reactivated its assembly line for production of Samand sedans in Senegal, its deputy director for exports and international affairs says.

The company began assembling cars in Thies, Senegal’s second largest city 70 km from Dakar, in 2008 through a local joint venture named Seniran Auto, but the West African country severed diplomatic relations with Iran in February 2011 which disrupted the partnership.

Kianoush Pourmojib, quoted by Fars news agency on Tuesday, said that the Senegalese government had agreed to extend a duty free scheme, following which “necessary measures were taken” to reactivate Iran Khodro’s production site in the country and resume production and supply of Seniran products.

For now, the plant has started producing Samand LX cars for use in the taxi fleet, but other products are being introduced to the Senegal market to gauge the needs and tastes of the country’s customers, he said.

“Despite international restrictions, Iran Khodro‌’s efforts to revive the site have borne fruit and the cargo ordered by the Senegalese has been shipped and the assembly and supply of Samand taxis has begun,” Pourmojib said.

“We are planning to export other products of the Iran Khodro Industrial Group to Senegal, including heavy and semi-heavy commercial vehicles and motorbikes,” Pourmojib said.


Source: Press TV