Iran gives JCPOA parties drafts on sanctions removal, nuclear commitments

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister and head of the Iranian team in Vienna talks Ali Bagheri Kani said on Thursday that the Islamic Republic of Iran had submitted two proposed texts with regards to removal of US oppressive sanctions and nuclear issues.

Speaking to Iranian media in Vienna, Bagheri Kani said that today is the fourth day of negotiations in Vienna and that during the past few days, Iranian negotiators held several bilateral and multilateral meetings with the P4+1, namely France, Britain, Germany, Russia, and China.

Baqeri Kani went on to say that last night Iran provided two proposed texts to the other side, one of which contains Iran’s views on removal of sanctions and the other one is on the issue of Iran’s nuclear actions.

Normally, the other side, reviews these proposed texts and becomes ready for serious talks and negotiations with Iran on the proposed texts, but the important point here is that these negotiations have various and numerous international implications.


Source: IRNA