Iran, Turkmenistan to revive gas deal: Iran president

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said Iran has assured Turkmenistan that it is serious on lifting the existing barriers and will revive gas contract with Turkmenistan.

Speaking in a meeting with Iranian businessmen in Turkmenistan which was held on the sidelines of the 15th ECO Summit in Ashgabat, Raisi called for reviewing exports conditions and finding suitable solutions for removing obstacles.

He referred to suitable economic infrastructures for developing bilateral and regional cooperation and stressed facilitating business activities.

He noted that there is no serious problem in developing relations with the neighboring and regional states.

He went on to say that due to deep cultural and historical commonalities, the regional countries prefer to establish cooperation with Iran.

He noted that the Iranian government is determined to improve administrative structure, aiming to facilitate exports.

He also stressed efforts for implementing ECO cooperation agreements.


Source: IRNA