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Iran Kala TV channel’s interview with Arsina CEO

Aria Samaneh Yekta Novin Afzar (Arsina) has started its activities in providing software solutions and services in 2013 and has been able to expand its services in consultation, bespoke projects design and implementation, and manufacturing of software and hardware products.

Arsina Company distinguishes itself from others by providing high-quality standard products and performing following the principle of customer orientation. The most important product of this company is in the e-commerce software category, which will lead to the development of Internet-based businesses in Iran and eventually other countries.

Iran Kala TV Network has interviewed the CEO of Arsina Co. on June 3, 2021, regarding the online store management and Marketplace system of Foroshgostar, the most complete online sales management platform. The CEO of Arsina spoke about the best sales strategies in the field of e-commerce and comprehensively introduced Foroshgostar.

In this interview, Mr. Vahid Naderi, CEO of Arsina, answered the questions about Arsina’s top project and gave a full explanation about the online store management platform or Foroshgostar.

Arsina company

At the beginning of the interview, the CEO of Arsina explained how Arsina was formed and expanded saying: Arsina started its work in 2013 as a team of IT graduates. After gaining some experience from the accomplished software projects and realizing the need of having a proper platform for online businesses to be able to easily present their products and finally sell them, in 2016, we designed and presented a product called “Foroshgostar”. This system is designed to meet the needs of not only domestic businesses but also some corporations abroad. Foroshgostar has been used by many businesses, including manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and service companies, and has created 100 jobs directly and indirectly.

Another thing that Arsina has taken into account in Foroush Gostar is selling through various online channels in a way that you can integrate the online store and store robots with the application created so that businesses can present and sell their businesses products both through the website and through all other sale points.

Mr. Naderi added: “Another need of online is to use and especially manage several monitoring and managerial systems in their corporation which was addressed by integrating all systems into one platform that eventually saved time and reduced the costs for business owners.


In addition, since business models are widely different and Foroshgostar tries to be suitable for the majority of businesses, we have added the ability to have a multi-vendor feature namely, the marketplace functionality, which enables business owners to use different payment and transmission methods. 

Foroshgostar has many unique features and characteristics, all of which cannot be explained in a single session since the number of these features are more than 500, each suitable for a kind of business.

Following the remarks of Mr. Naderi, the presenter of Iran Kala Network, asked regarding the impact of the outbreak of coronavirus on online sales: “Did the outbreak of coronavirus and its epidemic around the world make online sales more popular and How did it influence the market of Iran?”. He also asked: “How receptive were the businesses who use Foroshgostar during this period and before the Corona outbreak?”

In response to this question, the CEO of Arsina added: “E-commerce and online purchasing is growing and developing in Iran, but it has not yet grown and developed as much as advanced countries. Although businesses were heading toward this direction even before Covid-19, this outbreak caused businesses who had thought of selling online to act on it and start their online shop, and those who did not think of online stores to start thinking about it.

As expected, we serve more customers and applicants for online stores now, and we can provide them with our professional services.

Forosh Gostar Company

The presenter of Iran Kala network continued: “in this competitive market and with this large number of website design companies, what makes Arsina and Foroushgostar distinguished from others? What services and features does it have to attract the customers?”

In response, Mr. Naderi pointed out: “the main goal of Arsina and Foroushgostar is the development of online businesses and expansion of e-commerce”. He added: “Foroushgostar is not just about designing a website. It is a platform and a system that helps business managers to consider all aspects of online purchasing and be able to offer their services and products on the Internet with all their potential”.

Foroushgostar has provided this potential for business owners by using different sales channels. Another feature of Foroushgostar is having Arsina’s support from the beginning, which means, after launching the online store, customers will have comprehensive support, as well as digital marketing and SEO services, therefore, they can easily start selling. 

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