Iran releases Vietnamese oil tanker

The Vietnamese tanker Sothys which was seized by the Islamic Republic of Iran last month was released by a court order after its oil was unloaded.

The Iranian oil in the Vietnamese tanker Sothys was unloaded in Bandar Abbas according to a report in IRGC official portal.

The tanker which was carrying Iranian oil was seized in the Gulf of Oman last month while the US forces were directing the tanker to an unknown destination in a piracy operation.

Sothys was released by a court order, according to the report.

IRGC Navy Commander Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri said in a ceremony to commemorate the forces that countered US piracy on Wednesday gave a detailed explanation on how the IRGC Navy forces seized the tanker and escorted it to Iranian waters.

He said that two US warships approached the scene when Iranian forces had descended from helicopter on the deck and drew up in battle array, trying to prevent Iranian mission by flying drones and helicopters.

In the next phase, US forces added three other warships to frighten Iranian forces, but they failed and had to retreat and leave the scene, according to the commander.


Source: IRNA