So-called human rights advocates’ silence makes Israel brave to commit crimes

Iranian Judiciary Deputy Chief Kazem Gharibabadi said that the silence of self-claimed standard bearers of human rights has made brave the Israeli regime to tear apart the report prepared by UN General Assembly Human Rights Council chief and ridicule that council.

Gharibabadi, also secretary of the Iranian judiciary’s human rights headquarters, made the remarks in a Twitter message while emphasizing that the torn apart report by the Zionist regime envoy included the results of the UN research commission, and had detailed facts in its bulk part in condemnation of the Israeli regime.

The Zionist regime envoy’s move reminded everyone of Israeli regime ambassador’s similar move back in 1975, when he tore apart a UN General Assembly resolution in which that regime was accused of racism.

Israel’s move proved that the UN Human Rights researchers need to continue their work in occupied Palestine.


Source: IRNA