Iran hosts 35th Islamic unity conference

Every year millions of Muslims across the planet celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad. Sunni and Shia denominations celebrate this event on two different dates within the same week. The interval between these two dates is annually commemorated as the Islamic Unity Week.

The message of unity is an indication of the fact that Muslims need to rise above their superficial differences and be vigilant about the malevolent intentions of external forces.

A long time ago, British colonialism was based on “divide and rule” policy. This policy has now been adopted by other present day colonial powers, such as the USA.

The English have always been a source of malevolence in the region. They have been a source of misery for many nations. The setbacks that they have instigated in this region have few parallels in other parts of the world.

They did it to Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq using various divisive methods. Another example, of course, is Palestine, which is the place where they made that disturbing and malevolent move wherein they rendered Muslims, a whole nation of them, homeless and forced them to drift away from their own homes.

Meanwhile, the cry of unity and unanimity among Muslims is being sounded by sincere voices inviting Muslims to pay attention to their common goals.

In recent years the desire for rapprochement with the Islamic sects has grown as people in Islamic countries become increasingly aware of the divisive policies of the Western powers.


Source: Press TV