Envoy: Israel waging Iranophobic campaign to obscure destabilizing acts

The second secretary of the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic to the UN has categorically rejected accusations leveled by Israeli PM Naftali Bennett against Tehran, saying Tel Aviv is actually waging an “Iranophobic campaign” to distract public attention from the regime’s destabilizing activities. 

Payman Ghadirkhomi made the remarks in an address to the general debate of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly on Monday after Bennett claimed that Iran had crossed “all red lines” in its nuclear program and threatened to act alone if the world did not take action.

Ghadirkhomi said the Israeli premier, like his notorious predecessor Benjamin Netanyahu, had tried to disseminate disinformation about Iran and made unfounded allegations against the country.

“He (Bennett) played the victim and desperately tried to portray the Israeli regime as innocent. It is not surprising at all. Deception has always been part of their agenda,” he added in a statement.

“His mischievous objective is crystal clear: to cover up all expansionist and destabilizing policies and criminal practices of the Zionist regime in the region over the past seven decades.”

In his speech to the General Assembly, Bennett made no mention of Israel’s decades-long conflict with the Palestinians and instead went on an anti-Iran tirade.

“Iran’s nuclear program has hit a watershed moment, and so has our tolerance,” he alleged. “Words do not stop centrifuges from spinning.”

Ghadirkhomi warned that the occupying regime endangers peace and security in the region and beyond as it possesses all types of weapons of mass destruction, as well as the most sophisticated conventional weapons.


Source: Press TV