President Raisi urges ministries to identify capacities for cooperation with SCO

President Ebrahim Raisi said here on Sunday at his cabinet session that expansion of ties with entire regional and neighboring countries is his foreign policy priority, commissioning all ministries to identify potentials for cooperation with other member-states of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

“Today, not only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also the entire ministries are responsible and commissioned to identify potentials for cooperation with the SCO member countries and take maximum advantage of the emerged opportunity for our national economy’s blossoming and prosperity,” said Raisi.

The president further reiterated that today the SCO member countries consider the ground quite paved for cooperation with Iran better than ever before, knowing that they can have better and more cooperation with Iran.

“Their leaders spoke about the need for further strengthening and deepening of the level of their cooperation with Tehran,” he said.

Raisi reiterated that activating the Chabahar Port needs to be further accelerated, as it is the gate for Iran’s connections with the Asian, Central Asian and world countries.

The president, meanwhile, referred to the consultations made for strengthening bilateral ties with Tajikistan, arguing that the two countries have deep-rooted cultural and belief background.

He also appreciated the selfless efforts made by the country’s healthcare officials and medical teams, noting that the acceleration of Corona vaccination has brought hope to the hearts of the people.

President Raisi also expressed satisfaction that the new academic year, too, will begin as scheduled, thanks to proper vaccination of the school and university students, considering any delay in that respect to the loss of the country’s young generation.

He, meanwhile, appreciated the Iranian National Volleyball Team for winning the final Asia Cup match today, stressing that the ground must be fully paved for the optimum performance of the entire athletic sports men and women.


Source: IRNA