Permanent membership in Shanghai Organization, a diiplomatic success: Pres. Raisi after return from Tajikistan

President Ebrahim Raisi said here on Saturday that Iran’s permanent membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was a diplomatic success, adding that an objective of the membershi was implementing government’s foreign diplomacy in economic and neighborhood fields.

President Raisi who was elaborating the outcomes of his first three-day foreign trip after coming home from Dushanbe further reiterated: Iran’s presence at the SCO as a main member shapes up a strong economic connection for our nation, which means Iran’s connection with the infrastructures of the Asian economy and its sustainable energy resources.

“The foreign ministry and the other concerned ministries must provide the required cradles for taking advantage of this new opportunity as soon as possible, as joining the infrastructures of the Asian economy is a precious opportunity for the Islamic Republic of Iran,” emphasized the president.

Raisi said that the other objective of his visit to Tajikistan was holding bilateral talks with some of the heads of regional countries, including the president of Tajikistan, with whom he has reached agreement to open a new chapter in economic, political and cultural fields.

“There were some obstacles in the way of further expansion of Iran-Tajikistan relations, which the executive official of the two countries are commissioned to eliminate so that opening a new chapter in bilateral ties will be possible,” he added.


Source: IRNA