Iranian Army’s Air Defense Force unveils new radar, command-control center

The Iranian Army’s Air Defense Force on Wednesday unveiled a new home-made 3D phased-array radar and a weapons command and control center.

The first project unveiled today in the presence of the Army’s Air Defense Force Commander Brigadier General Alireza Sabahi Fard was ‘Alborz’, a 3D phased-array radar developed with the aim of intercepting and detecting long-range stealth flying targets with low radar cross-section.

The maximum radar range of the system is 450km and it is able to identify targets at low altitude.

Alborz radar is also able to track 300 targets simultaneously.

The next project unveiled on Wednesday was ‘Borhan’, a low-range and low-altitude weapons command and control center as the last command level in the pin-pointing defense of the command and control network of the Air Defense.

After receiving and analyzing data from all sources, Borhan transmits them to the highest levels of command to make decisions in the shortest possible time to communicate the necessary decisions to carry out the mission and destroy the target.

The system, with its effective detection and processing capability, enables the forces to deceive and destroy the air targets.


Source: Fars

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