Best way to travel in Istanbul with Saadatrent

Self drive car rental in Istanbul is one of the best ways to visit this city on your own and enjoy your trip. But this is not the only service you will need when you want to visit this city. Are you looking for traveling to Istanbul? If your answer is yes, you are at the right place. Because Saadatrent, as one of the pioneers of car rental in Istanbul is going to tell you how to travel to Istanbul and where to visit while you are in this beautiful city. Stay with us to give you the most useful information you will need for visiting Istanbul.

Best way to travel in Istanbul on a budget

It is better to travel with Istanbul tour, or buy tickets separately and book a hotel. it depends on many factors. You might think that if you buy a ticket yourself and book a hotel in Istanbul, your trip will be cheaper. But is that true? The answer is yes. Saadatrent based on the statistics that they gathered from services like cheap car rental in Dubai, Istanbul, and Iran claims that people who travel to these cities and countries prefer to plan their trip on their own and travel individually. They believe that this is cheaper and they can visit wherever they prefer at any time of the day or night. With a car rental in Istanbul, they can visit many places in this city and enjoy their trip.

If you are also looking for traveling to Istanbul and want to know where to visit when you arrive in this city, stay with us.

Travel to Istanbul; where to visit

Istanbul, half of Europe and half of Asia, the city of Hagia Sophia, a Byzantine masterpiece and a valuable treasure of world architecture, a city of delicious Turkish kebabs and charcoal teas in the rain and breeze, a city that is one of the best places for a trip and a pure experience; A pure experience that, once you see it, intensifies your enthusiasm for the next trips… Istanbul; The third-largest tourist city in the world, a multicultural city with a very rich historical peak, which in addition to all the tourist and scenic attractions, is one of the best cities in the world for shopping, wandering, neighborhoods and full of pristine and pristine spaces; A place for experience and fun. A walk that will not water you so easily.

  • If you love walking and strolling, and you have heard a lot about Istanbul and its beautiful city, Taksim Square, Istiklal Street, and all those shops, cafes, and attractions of Istanbul will fascinate you.
  • If you love shopping, needless to say, Istanbul is one of the poles of the Middle East and Europe for shopping and has the best shopping malls and passages, both for luxury shoppers and travelers looking for cheap shopping in Istanbul.

If you love historical sites and would like to travel in the heart of time, the museums of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the public baths of Istanbul are waiting for you.