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Iran plans changes to draft deal with India on Chabahar port operations: MP

An Iranian parliament lawmaker says a draft deal with India on terminal operations in the southeastern port of Cahabahar is expected to change so that the two countries can agree on a dispute settlement mechanism in the contract.

Mohammad Reza Rezayi Kouchi, who chairs the Iranian parliament’s Construction Committee, said on Saturday that the 10-year deal with India on running the Shahaid Beheshti terminal in Chabahar port will be signed between the two countries once changes to the draft agreement are ratified in the parliament.

“The two sides have agreed on these changes and there remains only the issue of formalities,” Rezayi Kouchi was quoted as saying by the semi-official ILNA news agency.

The lawmaker said that the Indian company involved in the agreement will be represented with a new name under the revised deal, adding that a local partner company that has been working with the Indians in Chabahar will be removed from the agreement.

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