Diplomacy door is ‘open’, but based on mutual respect: Iran Embassy

In response to the remarks by UK Foreign Secretary depicting Iran on a crossroad in the wake of new president inauguration, Iran’s Embassy in London said that the door for diplomacy is open if it is based on mutual respect.

The Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in the UK took to twitter on Friday to call on London to observe mutual respect in diplomacy in action and words at the same time.

“Iran reciprocates respect by deeds and words. But, the dignity of Iranians will be upheld at any cost,” the tweet said.

“Iran is neither client of nor inferior to any player in the world. The door for diplomacy with mutual respect and on an equal footing is open,” it added.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Rob has recently said in an interview with Skynews that that Iran was on a crossroads moment as the new president inaugurated.

“If they continue down the track of harrying or attacking shipping in the Middle East, if they continue destabilizing activities through their proxies, if they continue to row back from their nuclear commitments under the JCPOA, and if they continue to take arbitrarily… then we will apply cost, we will hold them to account,” he has said.

“Equally the door is always ajar as we demonstrated over the last two years for diplomacy and a better path forward, but we cannot have incidents like the attack off the coast of Oman without Iran being held to account,” he added.

The UK has joined the Israeli regime and the United States in baselessly blaming Iran for the maritime incident off the coast of Oman last week.

A Japanese ship rented by an Israeli company was attacked last Friday, resulting in the death of a British and a Romanian citizen.

The Israeli regime wasted no time to blame the attack on Iran while the US and the UK followed suit. The incident was followed by an alleged hijacking of a ship near UAE coast and again the three blamed Iran.

Strangely, the incidents happened at a time when the new president in Iran was going to take office with a new team to pursue the talks to revive the JCPOA.

The Israeli regime, the US and the UK had delivered no evidence for their allegations, but they have asked for a UN Security Council meeting on the issue.

Iran has firmly denied the allegations, calling the attacks “artificial maritime incidents’, warning about suspicious attempts to create such incidents.

Iran has asked the international community to condemn such destabilizing stances.