Iran slams Security Council’s ‘seven decades’ of silence over Israeli atrocities

An Iranian envoy to the United Nations has censured the UN Security Council’s seven decades of utter silence against all unlawful acts committed by the Israeli regime, saying the history of mankind testifies that when unlawful acts go unpunished, they are repeated.

“The Council’s decades-long utter and inexcusable inaction has seriously emboldened that regime to commit more crimes with more brutality,” Zahra Ershadi, the deputy permanent representative of Iran to the UN, said on Wednesday before a UN Security Council session on “The Situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian Question.”

She also slammed the US for encouraging Israel by systematically shielding the regime against any action by the Security Council.

“The latest example of such measures was the act of the United States, in May 2021, in blocking the Security Council from issuing even a simple press statement calling for an end to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza,” She said.

Ershadi made it clear that such “unwavering support” for Israel by the US is against the inherent rights of the oppressed Palestinians, including their right to life, dignity, liberation, self-defense, self-determination, and to establish their own independent State.