Iran’s Navy warships dock at Saint Petersburg, Russia

Iran Navy’s Sahand and Makran warships arrived at Saint Petersburg, Russia on Saturday to take part in Russian Navy parade.

Iran’s Ambassador to Moscow Kazem Jalali said on Saturday that two warships of Irannian Navy docked at Saint Petersburg, adding that Iran’s Navy Commander Rear-Admiral Hossein Khanzadi would be in Saint Petersburg with a military delegation in company on Sunday at the invitation of Russia’s Minister of Defense.

Jalali also said that Khanzadi would have meetings with high military officials of Russian Federation and other countries taking part in the event.

Russia’s Navy is going to hold a naval parade on July 25 in the wake of the Day of the Russian Navy.

Iranian Navy’s destroyer Sahand and a port ship called Makran docked at the entrance of Volga Canal, as the parade location is not deep enough for the large vessels to be able to easily move. They will join the parade from that point.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has said that military vessels from 54 countries, including Iran, would take part in the parade which would be greater than the previous editions.

Iran’s Ambassador also met Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin, discussing military cooperation between Tehran and Moscow.