US plots to assassinate leaders while accusing others of kidnapping ops: Zarif

The Iranian foreign minister says the US government is involved in hatching assassination plots against the leaders of certain countries while accusing others of kidnapping operations to conceal its criminal acts.

Mohammad Javad Zarif made the comment in a tweet posted on Friday, which was accompanied by excerpts from the American media indicating the US involvement in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise and plots for the ouster and targeted killing of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Zarif said the assassination plots against the aforementioned leaders are hatched by “US-affiliated gunmen” on American soil but the US administration “covers up its criminal ties” by accusing other countries of “a childishly conceived kidnapping operation.”

“US-affiliated gunmen hatch plots on US soil to assassinate leaders in Venezuela & Haiti while US government busily covers up its criminal ties by accusing others of a patently ridiculous, childishly conceived kidnapping operation,” Zarif said.

“Put your house in order before throwing bricks at others,” he added.

The top Iranian diplomat was referring to a recent US claim that the Iranian government plotted to kidnap a so-called American-Iranian journalist based in the United States.

Late Tuesday, the US Justice Department leveled baseless accusations against four Iranian intelligence agents over planning to seize Masih Alinejad in her New York home and smuggle her to Iran.

The department claimed that the Iranian agents researched possible ways to move her out of the United States, including hiring a “military-style” speedboat to whisk her from Manhattan and transfer by sea to Venezuela.

Tehran categorically rejected the allegations as “baseless and absurd” and likened them to “Hollywood scenarios.”

The accusations come as the Pentagon was reported by The Washington Post on Thursday that suspects linked to the assassination of the Haitian president had received American military, raising fresh questions about Washington’s ties to Moise’s death.

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