Iran’s presence in Atlantic a response to US’ claims: Cmdr.

 Iranian Navy’s first-in-command says the presence of naval fleet of the country in the Atlantic is a response to US’ claims regarding Iran’s capabilities.

“Our presence in the Atlantic is a response to the Americans’ claims that Iran could never sail in the ocean,” Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said on Saturday evening in an interview with IRIB.

The remarks come as Makran sea base and Sahand frigate are sailing in the Atlantic as the first mission of the Iranian navy in the oceans.

“While Americans are present some 12 miles off Iranian waters, they are afraid of Iran’s naval fleet in the Atlantic that is sailing 5,000 miles far from US,” added Khanzadi.

Makran logistics ship carries 110,000 tons of fuel and can stay in waters for 10 years without the need for refueling, he said, adding that the ship is equipped with an advanced water desalination system and hence can provide a persistent presence of naval fleet in open waters.

The Islamic Republic of Iran built Makran ship in six months which surprised Western countries, the commander noted.

Up to now, Americans were present in our region and we monitored them but from now on, the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is creating trends in the Atlantic, the Rear Admiral said.

Considering that African countries of the Atlantic do not have a navy and hence are no threat to US and on the other hand, European countries also make no threat against US, the presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran – that fighting oppression is one of its principles – in the Atlantic is worrying Americans, he added.