Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant back on grid

Iran’s state electricity company Tavanir will resume using supplies from the country’s only nuclear power plant some 11 days after it went off grid due to repair works.

Tavanir spokesman Mostafa Rajabi said on Saturday that Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant will be back on the country’s main electricity grid by the end of the day.

Rajabi said the supply would be critical to Tavanir as the company struggles to prevent blackouts that can be caused by rising demand for electricity in Iran during the hot summer days.

It comes as Iran’s power consumption has reached record highs of over 64,000 megawatts (MW) in peak consumption hours earlier this week. That is much higher than Bushehr power plant’s capacity of 1,000 MW of electricity generation.

Rajabi told the official IRNA agency that the overhaul operation carried out in Bushehr power plant in recent days was a routine that takes place in any electricity stations.