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Sanctions to be over soon: President Rouhani

President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that US sanctions on Iran which were wrong in the first place would be removed soon and foreign investment would pour into the country.

Speaking online in the inauguration of national projects, Rouhani said that this was the 75th inauguration ceremony, which shows the world that Iran is the hub of investment and production.

He hailed Iranians’ resistance during the last 3.5 years of economic terrorism by the US, describing it as being unprecedented in the history of the region and the world.

Referring to the recent US Treasury Department’s announcement on easing hurdles against importing coronavirus-related items, Rouhani said that this was a confession by the US that they blocked everything for the Iranian nation, including humanitarian goods.

The US admitted the fact only once Iran became a producer and exporter of masks and COVID-19 vaccines, the President stressed.

He underlined that despite inflation, the country is replete with any kind of goods, which shows that the economic war has failed to reach its goal of crushing Iran’s economy.

Expressing hope that the US sanctions would be lifted soon, Rouhani said that foreign investment would pour into the country and the free trade zones in Iran should serve as mobilizers in this regard.

He referred to the ties with the Azerbaijan Republic, promising great positive developments in northwest Iran in this regard.

The President also pointed to joint projects with Iraq, like Basra-Shalamcheh railroad which would connect Iran to the Mediterranean.

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