World must be made aware of Trump’s inhumane crime against Iranian nation: President Rouhani

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says documents revealing the severity of the economic war launched against Iran during past years through the imposition of tough sanctions must be made public to inform the entire world of the inhumane crime committed by the former US president, Donald Trump, against the Iranian nation.

Rouhani made the remarks in a Tuesday meeting with his administration’s economic coordination staff, in which the impact of the economic war launched by the United States against the Islamic Republic and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on Iran’s economy were discussed.

“In order to enlighten all the people, documents related to the imposition of the economic war [on Iran] and actions taken by those who imposed broad-based and unprecedented sanctions [on Iranians] must be made public, so that the entire world would know about the inhumane crime committed by the Trump administration against the Iranian nation,” Iran’s president said.

He added, “Under normal circumstances, the crime against humanity is associated by the general public with war and military confrontation while sanctions and economic war must be also considered and registered as a silent crime against humanity.”

As a victim of such an inhumane measure, Iran will present the world with the document attesting to the crime committed by those who have imposed sanctions on the country, Iran’s chief executive emphasized.