Iran using limited electricity supplies from Azerbaijan to prevent outages

Iran is using limited supplies of electricity from neighboring Azerbaijan to prevent a recurrence of brief power cuts that surprised the households in large cities last month.

The state electricity company Tavanir said on Saturday that imports from Azerbaijan had started with an initial supply of 73 megawatt per hour (MWh).

Tavanir spokesman Mostafa Rajabi said imports from the Moghan transmission line on the border with Azerbaijan could reach 130 MWh in peak hours of electricity consumption in northwestern Iranian provinces.

Iran has been grappling with rising demand for electricity in recent weeks. Energy Ministry authorities insist power shortages have occurred because of a sudden and unprecedented increase in temperatures as well as a growing use of electricity for unlicensed cryptocurrency mining.

The shortage caused brief but recurrent power cuts in large Iranian cities, including in the capital Tehran, last month.

Tavanir has already started importing electricity from Turkmenistan to prevent outages in populated urban centers in northeastern Iran.