Zarif: Iran’s all-out support for Palestinians’ rights basic diplomacy

Iranian Foreign Minister in a phone conversation with the Head of the Political Office of Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement emphasized the Islamic Republic’s support for the denied rights of the Palestinian nation as a basic diplomatic principle.

Zarif and Ismail Haniyeh in their Monday evening phone talk surveyed the latest status of occupied Palestine and especially the recent attacks of the Zionist regime against the Palestinians and the brave resistance of the Palestinian people who do all they can with whatever they have at their disposal.

Haniyeh asked the Iranian top diplomat for the continuation of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s support for the Palestinian liberation movement.

Zarif ensured him that Iran’s support for the Palestinians is a part of Iran’s unchangeable foreign diplomacy.

He condemned the brutal acts of the usurper Zionist regime against the fasting Palestinians, and especially the repeated invasion of the Zionist military forces against Al-Aqsa Mosque and the worshipers there.

The Iranian top diplomat meanwhile informed Haniyeh about his consultations with his Turkish counterpart on the UNSC and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on the need to support the resistance movement of the Palestinian nation.