Sanctions against Iran broken, says president

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that he was announcing the sanction against Iran were broken, adding that if Iranians were united, it would be lifted soon, since the United States knew that they had no way out except to return to their commitments.

Speaking in a cabinet meeting, Rouhani said that Iran’s economy has been dependent on oil since the time this fossil energy was discovered in the country, emphasizing that his administration managed last year to decrease oil-dependency in the budget to 8 percent, which, according to the President, is a historical record.

He underlined that despite the US sanction and the coronavirus pandemic, the administration managed to increase the wages and salaries of both government employees and the retired people by an average 34 percent and more than double salaries of those retired with minimum pensions.

The President also pointed to the financial assistance paid during the coronavirus pandemic to the people both as aid or loans to alleviate economic hardship and described it as an unprecedented measure during Iranian history.

***JCPOA revival talks
Our negotiators did a great job in Vienna and if the other party returns to the law, its commitments and the UNSCR 2231, [the reviving of the JCPOA] happens sooner I think, Rouhani emphasized, referring to the ongoing talks in Vienna between Iran and other JCPOA participants as well as the US.

Noting that the talks are in right framework and the right path, the President said that “as the head of the administration, I announce that the sanctions are broken and if we become united, sanctions will be removed soon. The other party (the US) knows that it has no way out but to return to the law and its commitments in the deal.”

Rouhani said that the Israeli regime tried a lot to sabotage the JCPOA and sow discord among the nations in the Persian Gulf region, but today both conspiracies are failing because of Iranian nation’s resistance during the last 3 years and a half.
***Quds day
Rouhani also touched on the Quds day to commemorate the cause of Palestine and the nation’s resistance against Israeli occupation.

He mentioned that the last Friday of Ramadan month was declared as the international Quds Day by the late Imam Khomeini to prevent normalization of occupation. Quds Day has been widely accepted by Muslim nations and demonstrations are held on this day against the Israeli occupation across the globe, including in the Western countries.

The President described the Israeli regime as “the foe of the region, security and Palestinian nation and the killers who displaced millions of Palestinians from their homes.”

He said that the Israeli regime was afraid of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and they spared no effort to destroy the JPCOA, a deal signed between Iran and six world powers in 2015 to lift all sanctions against Iran in return of limitation on its nuclear program.

Rouhani stated that Zionists and the Israeli regime even played a great role in the election of Donald Trump to presidency in 2016 to destroy the JPCOA and put pressure on Iran.