Iranians celebrate birth anniv. of Imam Mahdi

The more mankind proceeds in time and gains technological progress, the more it feels the need for a survivor as its inability against the unknowns increases.

The man that thought it had the phenomenal power of reaching the moon and was pioneering in every field of science is now feeling incapable against a virus, especially a man defined by the Western thoughts; where there is no place for boosting spirituality and there is a trap in materiality. This cannot lead him to perfection.

Hence, he is always looking for a savior, and this need for a savior has been raised in all religions in different ways.

This is while the crises that happened during the past years have strangely doubled the sense of the need for a savior.

Today, the man who, under the management of Western liberalism and the Zionist investment companies, has turned into just a tool, more than ever consider themselves in need of the return of a savior.

Mahdi’s return has been promised and this is what the world needs today more than ever.

And this is different from Western thought which does not give any spiritual perfection to man, because he must become a means of material consumption.