Pres. Rouhani describes Iran as exporter of gas, diesel fuel

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran needed to import gas eight years ago, but today the country is exporter of gas and diesel fuel.

President Rouhani said in addition to production power, Iran has also the power to transfer.

He lauded the efforts made by National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) with regard to producing and transmission of gas.

The Iranian president vowed for exporting 100 billion cubic meters of gas per year, saying it will connect Iran to East and West.

Elsewhere in his remarks, President Rouhani referred to launching 1,000 km pipeline in time of economic war.

Earlier on March 1, President  Rouhani, inaugurated three oil projects, including Azar oil field development, Kangan Petro Refining, and Kian Petrochemical plant in Ilam and Bushehr provinces with 5 billion dollars in investment.

Azar Oil Field which is placed in Ilam province, southwest Iran, was developed with 1.4 billion Euros in the fund, jointly financed by National Development Fund, Oil Ministry and Bank loans. 75 percent of the project is domestic and 55 percent of human forces involved are local.

In the 53rd national campaign program pertaining to infrastructure projects, also, Kangan Petro Refining plant, which is the largest feed provider for petrochemical plants in Iran, was launched upon the President’s order.