President Rouhani says Iran can be hub for attracting int’l investors

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed the importance of maintaining constructive interaction with the world, saying Iran can enter regional trade treaties and be the center of attracting international investors.

During his speech on the arrival of the New Year, Rouhani said Iran can be the most attractive atmosphere for taking advantage of Iranian knowledge and capital in the world.

He noted that Iran will be able to have extensive and sustainable trade with the world.

He congratulated Nowruz to all Iranians, nurses, medical staff, farmers, workers, border guards and all fields of Iran all around the world.

He referred to unprecedented economic war against Iranians, saying it will end by Iranians resistance.

While, the global economy experienced 3.4% fall and many of the big powers economies witnessed 5%-10% fall, Iran registered 2.2% positive economic growth despite coronavirus pandemic, Rouhani said.

He hailed the efforts made by Iranian medical staff, saying they did their best in producing medical equipment, drug and vaccine.