President Rouhani vows definite victory over US economic warfare next year

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday expressed hope for great Iranian nation to achieve victories in the new year in terms of overcoming the US economic warfare by resistance and solidarity.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of cabinet ministers meeting on Wednesday, Rouhani said next Iranian year will be definitely the year of victory against economic warfare.

He also hailed Iran’s performance in fighting coronavirus.

He added that next Iranian year will be a better year with regard to fighting COVID-19 pandemic.

Enemies planned economic warfare for Iran and Iran was alone, he said adding that almost all countries experienced negative economic growth during coronavirus pandemic as well.

Elsewhere in his remarks president Rouhani pointed to US failure in invoking snapback with the UN Security Council about Resolution 2231 which lifted the UN sanctions on Iran and endorsed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and also ended arms embargo on Iran.