Iran ready to swap prisoners with US: Govt. spokesman

Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Tuesday that Iran is ready to exchange prisoners with the United States and that if it has not happened yet was due to the US unpreparedness.

Speaking to reporters at his weekly press conference, Rabiei said Iran is waiting to see how much the new US administration is serious to revise policies of the previous team.

On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden took office as the 46th US President after he defeated Donald Trump at the November 3, 2020, presidential election.

During his campaign, Biden had expressed willingness to return to the July 2015 nuclear deal from which the former US president withdrew unilaterally in May 2018.

As Rabiei noted, the “US is not in a position to set condition for implementing its international commitments.”

Contrary to the United States which defers its return to the JCPOA, Iran is ready to fulfill all its commitments along with other members of the deal soon, the spokesman added.

According to Supreme Leader’s guidelines, the sole solution is removal of the US sanctions and return of all sides to the deal, said Rabiei adding that if the US has another way in its mind, it is wasting time.

Whenever the US decides to lift sanctions in order to do its legal duties based on the international agreement, it will see that Iran will speedily fulfill all its commitments.

On the first anniversary of the US withdrawal in May 2019, Iran decided to reduce its commitments to the international deal, based on Article 26 and 36 to reciprocate the US move. Iran observed one-year ‘Strategic Patience’ and then decided to invoke Article 26 & 36 of the JCPOA.