Iran summons Turkish envoy over interior minister’s ‘unacceptable’ remarks

Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged Turkey on Sunday to take serious measures to prevent terrorist groups from entering Iran.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran summoned the ambassador of Turkey in Tehran over the Turkish interior minister’s remarks about the presence of the PKK elements in Iran.

Derya Örs was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to convey Iran’s protest against the remarks made by the Turkish minister.

In the meeting, the Turkish minister’s remarks were called unacceptable and in violation of the cooperation between Iran and Turkey.

Örs was also told that Iran is totally determined to fight terrorism and terrorist groups, which have killed several Iranian civilians.

In the meeting, it was also expressed that Iran is ready to expand ties with Turkey to counter terror groups at the borders.

Iran also expressed unhappiness about the remarks of the Turkish ambassador to Iraq, and territorial integrity and national sovereignty of countries were stressed as the fortifying base of international relations.