Iran setting up direct shipping service to Syria’s Latakia

Iran is to open a direct shipping line between its major container port of Bandara Abbas in the south and Syria’s Mediterranean port of Latakia in early March, according a watching over trade between the two countries.

“Based on the agreement reached, cargo ships will be scheduled to carry freight from Iran to Syria once per month,” said Kayvan Kashefi, who serves as the Chairman of Iran-Syria Joint Chamber of Commerce.

Kashefi said a first ship will start sailing to Latakia via the direct line on March 10, adding that the service could take place twice a month if demand for shipping to Syria increases on the Iranian side.

Iran and Syria are expected to significantly increase their trade and economic ties now that the Arab country has emerged of years of bloody terrorism campaign against its government.

Along with Russia, Iran has offered massive help to the Syrian government to fight terrorist groups since the unrest began almost a decade ago.

Businesses and companies from Iran are expected to be a major part of Syria’s future reconstruction and economic recovery efforts, especially in cities and towns devastated by the war.

Russia has already set up its direct shipping line to Syria to enable traders to supply the war-torn country with basic staples like wheat.

Before the establishment of the new shipping service to Latakia, Iranian exporters had to wait for weeks and even months for their cargo to be forwarded to Syria.

Kashefi said there would be no cap or restriction on the cargoes bound for Syria form Iran, saying businesses can use liners for transportation of either bulk or container shipments to Latakia.