Iran’s government preparing new budget bill

Iran’s president said his cabinet is working on a new budget bill after the Parliament rejected the previous one, cautioning the lawmakers that delays and bickering amid the economic war would only damage the economy.

Speaking at a Sunday session of the Administration’s Economic Coordination Headquarters, President Hassan Rouhani said the cabinet will submit a revised bill on the next year’s national budget to the Parliament as soon as possible.

Unveiling plans for constructive negotiations with the lawmakers to revise the budget bill, the president said time and energy should not be wasted on disagreements and challenges while the country is going to reap the benefit of maximum resistance in the face of an imposed economic war.

A delay in the ratification of the budget bill would have adverse effects on the economy, he warned, urging the MPs to handle the case immediately by staying away from tensions.

Last week, the Iranian lawmakers rejected the generalities of the proposed budget bill with 148 votes against, 99 in favor and 12 abstentions.

The administration argues that the national budget has been formulated to handle the economy under the economic war conditions and to manage the development process.