US needs to honor international commitments, Iran Govt. spox says

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Tuesday that the United States needs to honor its international commitments to the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Rabiei made the remarks in his weekly press conference in reference to US President-elect Joe Biden taking office on Wednesday.

“Tomorrow, the evil Trump administration will come to an end and the United States will have a new president,” Rabiei said, adding that Biden will have a chance to represent the loud voice of the American people who want to change the way which led to humiliation, chaos and isolation of the US in the international community over the past four years.

He said that it is an international demand, today, that the US should be responsible to respect its international obligations.

The Iranian spokesman advised the US president-elect not to opt for selective approach to remedy his predecessor’s devastating legacy.

He said that it will be worse if Biden tries to make use of Trump’s legacy to exert pressure on world nations.

“The resistance of our nation has left no doubt that pressure and sanctions can never force our nation to yield to the excessive demands,” Rabiei said.

He said that the policy of maximum pressure on the Iranian nation turned to a big historical scandal not only for those who imposed an unprecedented suffering to the innocent people, but also for those who contributed to these sufferings by fanning the flames of the “modern savagery” in their foreign-based media.

The Iranian people have neither forgotten nor forgiven the perpetrators and accomplices of these organized economic crimes, the spokesman said.