Iran confirms 4 cases of new COVID-19 variant

Iran’s Minister of Health Saeed Namaki said on Sunday that four cases of the UK COVID-19 mutation were detected in Iran and the patients are placed under quarantine and medical services.

Speaking in the meeting of Mazandaran Province Administration of coronavirus (COVID-19) medical services, Namaki said that cases of new Covid-19 variant patients are an Iranian family living in one of the European countries that visited Iran late last week .

Although the result of the PCR test (molecular test) of the new cases in the host country was announced, they were tested on their arrival to Iran again and on the basis of the information presented today to the Health Ministry, their PCR test was positive and the virus was new Covid-19 variant, the minister added.

He said that while the British officials reported the new variants with delay after two-month, Iran immediately suspended the flights from and to the UK.