Iran’s president gives assurance about providing COVID-19 vaccine

President Hassan Rouhani said there is no concern for manufacturing the COVID-19 vaccine, adding that the Health Ministry and Central Bank of Iran have spared no efforts for providing the vaccine.

Addressing the cabinet ministers meeting on Wednesday, Rouhani congratulated the birthday anniversary of Jesus Christ (PBUH), saying the Holy Prophet was the messenger of peace, friendship, and kindness.

Elaborating on the people’s cooperation with the Government, President Rouhani said that despite pressures created by the US sanctions and economic war as well as coronavirus, “we observed harmony of people with their government.”

He gave an explanation about the next year’s budget plan, saying that the budget plan has been drawn up giving priority to economic development.

Reacting to some media concerns over coronavirus in Iran, Rouhani said that there is no concern in this regard and Iran has taken more positive movements.

He said that over the last few weeks, the third wave of COVID19 was controlled and the death toll reduced by 50%.

Elsewhere in his remarks, President Rouhani hailed progress in medical equipment, knowledge-based firms, the pharmaceutical sector, and training professors, experts, and nurses.

Sanctions were the fruit of Zionists and hardliners in the United States, he said adding that Saddam imposed military war and Trump imposed “economic war” against people.

During the imposed war, Iranians were united and defeated Saddam, Rouhani said stressing that Trump’s fate will also be the same as that of Saddam.

Referring to US failure against Iran with a variety of attempts with the international bodies, he said the US Administration got isolated.

President Rouhani said that Iran was satisfied with the cessation of hostility on Karabakh between the two neighboring states of Iran — Azerbaijan and Armenian Republics when the occupation of Karabakh ended.

Rouhani expressed pleasure with the inauguration of the Khaf-Herat railway, saying Iran was connected to Afghanistan through the railway for the first time.