AEOI tasked with supplying over 20% enriched uranium

Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) is tasked with supplying uranium with a richness of over 20%.

The Iranian Parliament, in its open session on Tuesday and along with investigating the strategic plan to counter-sanctions, mandated the AEOI to supply uranium enriched with more than 20 percent for peaceful purposes.

َAccording to one of the articles of the motion, the Iranian organization is obliged to produce uranium with 20% enrichment for peaceful purposes immediately after the ratification of this law and to store at least 120kg of it annually in the country.

It is also obliged to fully meet the country’s need for peaceful uses of uranium enriched with more than 20% completely and without delay.

Immediately after the adoption of this law and its ratification in the Guardians Council, the AEOI  will be obliged to increase the enrichment capacity and production of enriched uranium to at least 500 kg per month, regarding the country’s need, and to maintain and accumulate enriched materials in the country.

Lawmakers also ratified Article 6 of the motion, according to which the Iranian government will be obliged to stop additional inspections, including the voluntarily-implemented Additional Protocol, if other signatories of the deal fail to normalize banking ties with Iran and lift barriers to oil sales within one month after the ratification of the law.