Gen. Soleimani assassinators responsible for all “insecurity”

The Ambassador of Iran in Azerbaijan asserted that the responsibility for the insecurity of Kabul and Vienna lies with the perpetrators of the cowardly assassination of Lt. Gen. Soleimani, who fought bravely against ISIL.

Posting the photo of the victims of the terrorist attack at Kabul University, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi wrote in his tweeter account, “From Kabul to Vienna, ISIL terrorism is on the rise.”

“Earlier, I said in an interview that the world would not be safer without Martyr Lieutenant General Soleimani”, he said, adding, “The responsibility for this insecurity lies with the perpetrators of the cowardly assassination of someone who bravely fought ISIL and brought security to the region and even to Europe and the United States.”



On Monday, three gunmen stormed Kabul University after a bomb blast shot dead a number of students at the university, killing 22 students and wounding more than 40 others.


Source: MNA