Iran president: Insulting Prophet Muhammad, disrespect to entire human values

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that insult to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is an insult to all the divine prophets and the human values.

The President made the remarks in the Wednesday morning cabinet session in reaction to the insistence of French officials to support the publication of cartoons in the country which insult the holy prophet of Islam.

He said that world people can live together in peace when they respect each other.

It is not an art to disrespect a prophet, Rouhani said, adding that insulting a prophet is rather encouraging violence.

Noting that freedom is not synonymous with closure of ethics, the president said that it is surprising of those who claim to have both art and democracy to encourage violence.

If Europe and France really seek to help maintain peace and brotherhood in the human society, they should refrain from intervention in domestic affairs of the Muslim nations, Rouhani said.


Source: IRNA