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Severe restrictions resume in Iran amid rising cases of COVID-19

Iran’s National Coronavirus Task Force has reinstated tough lockdown restrictions in the capital and 43 cities until November 21 to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease, as fresh cases and deaths continue to rise.

Under the new scheme, those not following health protocols will be fined and only 50% of civil servants will work in the capital. People, however, say more drastic measures are needed to contain the resurgent virus.

The government plans to prioritize influenza shots for the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

Tehran’s coronavirus task force has also warned that if the situation continues, the province will be forced to establish field hospitals for COVID-19 patients.

Since the beginning of the outbreak in mid-February, COVID-19 has killed over 31,000 people in Iran, including doctors and nurses.

Authorities have reimposed similar restrictions in many other cities with high virus transmission rates, as part of a targeted lockdown plan. They say the measures will be extended if the number of cases continues to rise.


Source: Press TV

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