Self-reliance, health protocols ‘keys to overcome pandemic’, says Rouhani

President Hassan Rouhani reiterated that relying on domestic capabilities and observing the health protocols by the public are the keys to help the healthcare staff to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

“Currently, there is no way to fight this virus other than observing health protocols,” Rouhani said on Saturday at the meeting of the coronavirus task force members with Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

“Like during the war when we were not allowed to buy military equipment, at the beginning of coronavirus outbreak, almost no one gave us the equipment we needed, such as diagnostic kits, respirators, ICUs and even masks, but relying on knowledge-based companies, we produced this equipment quickly and now we have no problems in this regard,” said Rouhani.

He added, “In the case of coronavirus, it became clear to us how important it is for us to rely on our inner strength and facilities and not to rely on others, and we realized that in these days, we should stand on our own two feet because others, even in matters of human rights, health care and the saving human lives, do not help despite what they chant.”

“Both the Ministry of Health and experts say that the virus in the recent months is a European mutated virus, the transmission rate and power of which has increased nine-fold,” he said to highlight the difference between the nature of the current coronavirus and the one spread in March in the country.

Complaining that some people do not take legal advice over the observance of the health protocols seriously, Rouhani said, “Severe restrictions in high-risk areas, the necessary precautions to prevent quarantine violations, and legal penalties for violators have been designated.”

The president added, “We need the help of mosques and the Basij Volunteer groups to help provide and distribute the needs of people who are in quarantine.”

Rouhani also reported on the financing of drug and vaccine research, government assistance to families in need during the coronavirus period, and the payment of parts of the medical staff’s demands.


Source: MNA