Pres. Rouhani: Iran acted in a calculated manner in reducing its nuclear commitments

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran’s reduction of its commitments under the nuclear deal was calculated so it had such bright outcomes that no one could make any objections.  

Speaking during the Wednesday morning cabinet session, the President referred to some measures Iran took in response to US unilateral exit from Iran deal and imposition of sanction against Tehran.

The US tried to use Iran’s reduction of its nuclear commitment as an excuse to extend a 2007 UN arms embargo on Iran and even re-imposition of all the old UN Security Council sanctions on the country, but it failed to do so.

President Rouhani said that the expiry of Iran arms embargo is of special significance not just because it allows Iran to sell and buy arms but mainly because it was the victory of the logic of law and wisdom over force and bullying.

“It doesn’t matter how much arms we buy or sell. It’s important to reach our right.”

Referring to US failure to pass a draft resolution against Iran at the UN Security Council in August, Rouhani said that the US got isolated in the Security Council and no one supported it.

Not only did they not support but they ignored the US request, the president said, adding that such a defeat at the UN Security Council was unprecedented for the United States.


Source: IRNA