Iranian Pres. Rouhani warns enemies against investing in domestic conflicts

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned Sunday against the enemies’ plots as they have invested in domestic conflicts to fortify their sanctions.

All officials in the country should keep calm and follow political wisdom to avoid conflicts, President Rouhani said at the cabinet session held in Tehran this morning to review economic issues.

Although the US inhuman and illegal sanctions against Iran have reduced forex income, the Iranian government through its planning has stopped Washington from achieving its sinister goals against Tehran, the president noted.

At his remarks, the president called on everyone to retain calm and coherent policies and attitudes and urged them to stay vigilant against the enemies’ plots.

About economic conditions, Rouhani said private sector is an incentive for country’s economy.

At the meeting, Governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) presented report on banking developments and forex market.


Source: IRNA