Iran free to sell, buy weapons as of Sunday, says Pres. Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani congratulated Iranians over the end of ten years of cruel arms sanctions against the nation – to take place next Sunday – and said this will come as a result of Iran’s struggle against the US in the past four years.

Addressing the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Rouhani said lifting arms embargo is also the result of the efforts made by the Iranian diplomats.

Iran will be able to buy and sell arms to whoever it desires as of Sunday, he added.

He referred to the catastrophe created by the US in Afghanistan in the pretext of establishing security and said everyone can see there is now dangerous situation in Afghanistan.

They boasted of fighting Daesh in the region but in fact it was the devoted people of Iraq and Syria and the Iranian warriors who fought and expelled ISIS, he added.

President Rouhani went on to highlight the US failures against Palestinian, Iraqi and Syrian nations, saying the great Iranian nation has made them angry and has brought them to their knees.

Source: IRNA