Fresh US sanctions target Iran’s remaining channels to pay for food & medicine, FM Zarif says

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a message slammed the US’ new sanctions against Iranians, saying the Iranian people will survive such cruelties.

“Amid Covid19 pandemic, U.S. regime wants to blow up our remaining channels to pay for food & medicine,” Zarif wrote in his Twitter account on Thursday.

“Iranians WILL survive this latest of cruelties,” he added.

“But conspiring to starve a population is a crime against humanity. Culprits & enablers—who block our money—WILL face justice,” Zarif noted.

According to Western media Independent: ” The Trump administration has decided to impose new sanctions on Iran’s financial sector in defiance of European allies who warned that the move could have devastating humanitarian consequences on a country reeling from the coronavirus and an ongoing currency crisis.”


Source: IRNA