Iran economy to do better than Germany under coronavirus, says Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the country’s economy has outperformed Germany after the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, predicting a positive economic growth by March 2021.

Speaking at a Saturday session of the Coronavirus Fight National Headquarters, Rouhani hailed his administration’s performance in economy and production and the efforts to supply basic commodities amid the pandemic.

“While the economy of an advanced country like Germany has faced problems because of the coronavirus outbreak, our economy has better conditions thanks to the efforts by production companies and economic sectors,” he added.

The president also hoped that Iran would have economic growth rates above zero by the end of the current Iranian year (March 2021) with or without oil sales.

Rouhani noted that Iran’s digital economy growth over the past six months has increased by several times compared to a year before, saying that sector has played a significant role amid the coronavirus health restrictions.

Last month, the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran said the country’s economy has begun to recover after the shock of outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The country’s economic growth is promising in comparison with the countries that have not faced any sanctions and their economies have been struggling with the coronavirus alone,” Abdonnaser Hemmati said.


Source: Tasnim