Iran lifts supply at gas storage facilities by over 30%: NIGTC

The National Iranian Gas Transmission Company (NIGTC) says supply at two natural gas storage facilities in the country have increased by more than 30 percent to respond to potential increase in demand during cold winter months.

Mehdi Jamshidi Dana, who serves as the CEO of NIGTC, said on Saturday that total current supply at Sarajeh and Shurijeh gas storage facilities, located in center and northeast of Iran, respectively, had reached 2.195 billion cubic meters (bcm).

“This increased storage would be a massive help to reliability of the country’s gas transmission in winter,” said Jamshidi Dana.

The official said gas supply at Shurijeh, located in Sarakhs near the border with Turkmenistan, has increased by 48 percent to reach 1.385 bcm.

The development marks a major breakthrough in Iran’s efforts to reduce reliance on imported gas from Turkmenistan during cold months to supply it to populated regions along the Caspian Sea and in northeast Iran.

Iran’s gas production facilities are mostly located in the south and along the Persian Gulf while a massive network of pipelines transfer the clean-burning fuel to areas across the country.

Iran’s Oil Ministry decided to improve gas transfer and storage facilities in areas to the north and northeast after a series of disputes in recent years on the price of imported gas led to interim halts in supply of gas from Turkmenistan.

Jamshidi Dana said supply at gas storage in Sarajeh, the smaller of two facilities in Iran which is located near the central city of Qom, had increased by 8 percent to stand at 810 million cubic meters.

Iran normally supplies gas to storage facilities in the first eight months of its calendar year ending late November when it begins to take the reserves for household and other usages during winter.


Source: Press TV