Iran summons Tajik ambassador over baseless accusations

The Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned Tajikistan’s ambassador in Tehran to express Islamic Republic’s strong protest at the baseless accusations leveled against Iran in a so-called documentary broadcast by Tajikistan’s state TV.

The Tajik ambassador was summoned on Friday afternoon by the head of the Foreign Ministry’s Central Asia Department, and received Iran’s strong protest at the irresponsible behavior of the Tajik state TV and its move to level false and biased charges against Iran.

It was underlined in the meeting that the Islamic Republic of Iran seeks friendly and brotherly relations with Tajikistan based on mutual respect, but the continuation of such conducts by the Tajik government is against the norms of friendly relations, according to the Foreign Ministry’s website.

The government in Dushanbe should be mindful of the consequences of such behaviors, the ambassador was told.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran expects the Tajik government to correct its approach, especially by stopping the Tajik state TV’s false propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the Iranian official said in the meeting.

The ambassador of Tajikistan, in turn, said he would convey the Islamic Republic’s protest to his government as soon as possible.

It was the second time this week that the Tajik ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry to receive Tehran’s protest against the same issue.

The Tajik envoy had earlier been summoned by the Iranian assistant foreign minister and head of the Foreign Ministry’s Eurasia Department.


Source: Tasnim