Vaezi: Legal proceedings underway to receive South Korea’s debts

Head of Iran’s Presidential Office Mahmoud Vaezi announced that the legal proceedings for retrieving the debts by South Korea have resumed.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Vaezi elaborated on the latest situation of the amount of cash that South Korea owes to Iran.

“We are recently witnessing positive signs from South Korea and we are waiting for putting into practice what they have said,” the official said.

“We have negotiated with the South Korean officials and even they were cautioned and the preliminaries for a series of legal activities started,” he added.

Asked about the latest conditions of fighting coronavirus in Iran, Vaezi said that people had traveled in the past three to four weeks and they engaged in activities that were against the government’s instructions as a result of which the number of people contracting coronavirus increased and since 7-10 days ago there has been a rise in the number of patients hospitalized and the death toll is also increasing which shows that “we should thing about one month later which dealing with coronavirus”.

Stating that if the number of people dying is increasing it is because of what has happened one month ago, he pointed out, “We have touched on this issue many times; as Iran’s Health Minister Saeed Namaki as head of Health Committee and Iranian Interior Minister Abdulrahman Rahmani-Fazli as head of social, law enforcement and security committee had voiced their concern over the increasing number of affected people and they had emphasized that observing health protocols should increase.”

Asked about the recent sanctions imposed against the Iranian nation by the US, Vaezi said that the US’ efforts over the past 32 days have not had political and legal basis and if they knew the alphabet of politics and economy they would not enter the gamble which was quite evident from the beginning that they will be the loser.

“As the Iranian experts and diplomats, as well as the American diplomats and lawyers, have said many times that they do not know on what basis Trump administration has withdrawn from the nuclear deal with Iran and why is Trump taking pride in what it has done,” he added.

Vaezi reiterated that Trump once again said on Tuesday that he had withdrawn from a bad agreement, but it is not known that how he is still referring to that agreement and he is trying to implement one of its paragraphs which of course has no basis.

Source: IRNA