Iran monitoring enemies in region, beyond: Army General

Tasnim – Iran is constantly monitoring the enemies in and outside the region, a senior Iranian Army commander said, warning that any harm to the country would draw a severe response from the Armed Forces.

Speaking at a televised interview on Monday, Deputy Chief of Iran’s Army for Coordination Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said the Islamic Republic is evaluating the enemy’s combat capabilities in the region and beyond.

“We are monitoring our enemies in the region and beyond. We know the threats very well,” the commander added.

He also highlighted the unity between the Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, saying they stay together as a “single fist” in the face of enemies.

The Army and the IRGC have such great combat power that any harm to the country from any enemy will receive a serious blow, in such a way that the enemy’s losses would outstrip the benefits of action against Iran, he warned.

Iranian military and political officials have repeatedly warned the enemies about the dire consequences of a military action against the Islamic Republic.

In comments in April 2018, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said the US is aware of the crushing response it will have to face in case of taking military action against Iran.

The era of hit and run is now over, and the US knows that if it gets entangled in military action against Iran, it will receive much harsher blows, Ayatollah Khamenei underlined.

The US is seeking a way to evade the costs of standing against Iran and place them on regional countries, the Leader said, reminding certain regional countries that if they confront Iran, “they will definitely suffer blows and defeat”.